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Our minibus

The Prestbury Memorial Trust is a unique local charity caring for the villagers of Prestbury with activities and supported by a Warden who is available to help the elderly and housebound in a neighbourly capacity.

There is no membership fee to join but some of the activities have a small charge for participants.

Prestbury Memorial Trust is a unique local charity dating back to 1949. It is a registered World War II Memorial, which gives it its name.


It has evolved over many years into its present form with a mandate for ‘Any charitable purpose within the Ecclesiastical Parish of Prestbury’.


The Trust employs a part-time Warden whose job it is to ‘help the elderly, housebound and those in need of friendship in a neighbourly capacity’


The Warden, with the help of Trustees, Committee members and countless other volunteers, organises many activities within the village for its members.


The individual Trustees support Prestbury Memorial Trust as Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Lunch Club Organiser, Fundraising, Minibus Transport and Friendship Group.





There is no subscription fee for membership to the Trust,
although each activity may have its own fee.

The Warden is a familiar face around the village, helping to coordinate the Trust activities. The first point of contact for anyone whom the Trust can help  is usually the Warden and is available during office hours by telephone or email. The Warden can also provide details of local tradesmen, cleaners, help lines, care agencies and statutory service providers.


In order to provide these services we need volunteer car drivers to assist with the twice-monthly Lunch Clubs – picking up our clients from their homes and returning them after lunch.

We also need volunteer drivers for our minibus, both for the Lunch Club runs and also for the weekly shopping trips.


Currently there are 6 Trustees and our Warden.  Volunteers would be most welcome to help with many of our activities.